There you are!

About to take a step on a JOURNEY of INNER ALCHEMY where you will…

  • Strengthen your connection within and with your self healing work 

  • Manifest your deepest desires and your wildest professional & personal visions 

  • Nurture and create alignment and consistency on your inner connection practices

  • Take your Self commitment to a new level and stand on your own side no-matter-what is going on with your life

  • Figure out what is holding you back from being where / who you want to be and creating steps that will actually take you there in THIS LIFE time

    You are a woman who is READY to be brave, consistent and committed to yourself (and to your happiness) and to make bold moves to know yourself deeply and to live in your purpose! Welcome to the JOURNEY to YOU

Receive Abundance, Support & Alignment

What is this journey? What will you receive?

  • Tools for happiness and inner sense of peace 

  • Deepen your role in relationships, with yourself / others, with work / career

  • Self commitment - Put yourself on top priority 

  • Create spaciousness and connection to your days

  • Widen the guidance within in different life situations 

  • Create aligned ownership of your own experience & story 

  • Take Inspired action towards where you want to evolve! 

I'm so happy to connect with you, namaste

My name is Salla,

I am an Inner Connection Alchemist.

For years now, I have been learning about meditation, mindfulness, on how to take LEAD IN THIS LIFE, practice Yoga both on & off the mat and surrender with the “Alchemy Of Change" JOURNEY

May this beautiful, transformational practice / work find a home in you and support you to lead yourself and your life from inside out.


“Working with Salla started processes in my life that were nothing short of life changing. With her warm support and insightful questions I was able to clarify my values and start working towards them (and it was so different from the image on my head of how my life "should" go).” >>>

1:1 Coaching Client

“Now, almost a year after my coaching ended, I can look back and trace the start of so many good things to the  work we did together. She was encouraging, able to ask the hard questions and patient while I took my time figuring things out. I appreciated how there was no forced positivity. She was always down to earth and honest about hard it can also be.” >>>

1:1 Coaching Client

"I got tools that have lasted the test of time, the hard days and crises that life can also bring. I can see the difference in my life in the big things but also in the small daily stuff. I got clarity of what I want and the understanding of how I can adjust the little things in my everyday life to feel more aligned with who I am. That is so valuable.”

1:1 Coaching Client


Journey to You - membership is a Yoga Off the mat container

This is a sacred space designed for You who is seeking for deeper understanding with yourselves and with your personal & professional life. Here you can become inspired and empowered about yourself and about your growth journey and create a solid and aligned connection with it. You can  bring ease and commitment to your practice and start to deeply nurture who you are becoming. Here you will learn to stand tall, empowered, with the learning curves and with growth pressures that are sometime essential to go through.


This is the place where the practice (this life) can become a source of clarity, peace and presence, teach you inside out the skills for emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing, as well as deepen the honest communication between YOU, with your own growth process, and with those around you.

Alchemize any struggle you might feel to be your source of connection!

It's time to move through...

The elements that are slowing you down from living the life of your values & creates confusion and unhappiness: 

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Self Criticism

  • In and out - roller coaster practices

  • Confusion / lack of direction in your personal / professional life

  • Inability to move through something in life that you know in your heart needs to move & change

  • Self confidence ups & downs / highs / lows 

  • Not finding time / energy / commitment to do what you need / want

For who is this for?

You who has a deep desire, need / guidance for personal & professional growth work with ALIGNMENT & INNER CONNECTION

  • A Yogic Entrepreneur / A Spiritual Practitioner

  • A woman who is ready to manifest a life and career of your WILDEST DREAMS

The Method:

Yoga Off the Mat &

Life (changing) Coaching

It’s not so much what happen to us, it’s how we react ( & reflect)


One Year Inner Connection Container & Alchemy community


4 Months in-depth step by step online course from Inner Criticism to INNER FREEDOM. Walking the walk from now on!


Come & join our free and private community on Facebook HEARTLED Group!

"I’m daily put into situations where I really notice how far I have come. I’m not triggered by the same things I was before and even if I am, I now have the tools to sit with the emotions and deal with them better. I’m less dependent on those around me and I’m gradually discovering what and who I want to be in this life."

- Turning Point course member

Ira’s Journey (video)

“It was an easy decision to join the course” - Ira already had many experiences from self care courses and trainings, but somehow struggled with integrating all the knowledge she had to her day to day life

Laura’s Journey (video)

Laura joined TURNING POINT online course because she felt confused and unhappy about her professional situation and realized she wanted to start to process the change. There was a divine timing with the course in her life. 

Sonia’s Journey (video)

Sonia signed in to TURNING POINT online course to find more confidence within herself. In order for her to move forward towards the confidence within, and towards the vision and dreams she has for her life, she chose to TRUST the process. 



More practice inspiration: "Heartled Yoga Off the mat - Lead Your Life With Intuitive INNER Connection"


 Get your very own & unique (and free!) workbook for creating an Inner Peace practice that feels authentic for you without spending hours on meditation and years in yogic practices!

Finding Inner Peace Made Simple - A Practical Workbook to Achieve Clarity, Alignment, and Ease in “Busy Life”

Journey to You - Inner Alchemy

For Connected & Purposeful Living & Career

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