Ignite Your Purpose Work

Clarity, Connection, Visibility & Professional Identity

6 biweeks (= 12 Weeks) dive into WALKING THE TALK - Resolving any sense of struggle with spiritual entrepreneurship. Bring clarity on what is truly important and valuable for you through your CAREER, and how to approach what you love in a NEW empowered, ALIGNED WAY.

This course is designed for Spiritual warrior out there. You will learn about ACT (acceptance & commitment therapy) in a context of your professional identity.


  • is ready to manifest the business of your dreams / gain clarity of the steps

  • is eager to do the mindset / energy alingment work

  • heal the relationship with time / money

  • is ready to build your own community

  • desires to create an impact and reach your people so that you can share what you love

  • gain confidence with positioning yourself as an expert and to receive abundance!

  • A shift in perception...

    I believe we can be enthusiast of Yoga & Entrepreneurship at the same time - and actually - when we are, we bring our connection & magic to the world in an aligned, empowered, authentic and abundant way. This course is for those who are creating purposeful & SOUL-LED BUSINESSES

One Year Alchemist -Membership included

+1 Year access to study platforms to catch replays & do the pre / afterwork

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Good things can come easily

Become a lighthouse & Manifest your wildest career dreams!

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