Journey to You

This work is my practice and I love to share it!

I help courageous women from overwhelmed to connected, peaceful and committed to themselves, so that all life experiences (past / present / future) can start to make sense, bring clarity, consistency, honesty, self compassion & presence in daily life.

Learn to practice daily to be OPEN for transformation - and you’ll notice how your life will start to change!

Academy of Inner Alchemy

These online courses are an ultimate gift for yourself - each of them walk through the steps of AWARENESS, HEALING & VISION

It really is about a journey!

These courses are designed for YOU who want to bring peace of mind, connection and empowerment into your everyday life, starting with the 4-12 months integration. You, who are READY to receive support on your personal and professional GROWTH, and deep in your heart you know you cannot waste another day feeling somehow disconnected with yourself, or with your life.

For years now, I have been learning more and more about meditation, mindfulness, Inner leadership, Yoga (on & off the mat) and The Alchemy Of Change. I've navigated through major shifts in life (both personal & professional) - the heartfelt results and the benefits / transformations, I’ve received myself (so far) have been just mind and heart blowing! I wouldn't be here, doing this what I do without these moves OFF MY MAT. 

This is about the "Journey of the self, to the self, through the self" Off you mat, with yourself & with your life. 

- Bhagavad Gita

Community around the practice

I love the vision that we are in this together. Together we are stronger. I believe we were not meant to walk this walk alone (certainly I tried for many years) - When we come together, magic happens! I’m on a mission to build a commUNITY around Inner Alchemy practices & I would LOVE to see you there!

This Life - Podcast

Everything around the daily practice of Inner Connection & empowerment in THIS LIFE


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